Mould treatment

For those dealing with mould, we offer a comprehensive mould treatment service, along with a optional Clean Certificate to verify that your pram or car seat has been properly cleaned.

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Pram Wheel Service

Most people don’t realise just how dirty and grimy pram wheels get with everyday dirt and hair getting caught in them! A wheel service includes us taking all wheels off, cleaning all that grime away, pumping up the tyres (if your pram allows) and giving them a good clean so they come back to you working and looking better!

Clean & Store Pack

If you are needing to store an item this is the perfect option! Your item is professionally cleaned then stored in a double seal, vacuum seal bag along with several absorbent sachets included to prevent dust, mould and other nasties getting to your baby items

Our Cleaning Products

Our cleaning products have been been developed to be environmentally friendly and safe for children and pets.